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STAR School goes to Laguna Seca

Join us on October 30-31 for an opportunity to ride and learn with us at the iconic Mazda Laguna Seca. Click “Learn More” below to sign up for our all-inclusive deal!

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I’ve always believed that there are many levels of riders in the world. When I teach a program I want to be able to cater to everyone’s ability level. Teaching one way of doing things doesn’t work. Everyone has different goals & riding levels & it’s up to us at STAR to see where people are & where they want to go with their riding. Taking a simple approach, I have found a method of teaching that helps people understand exactly what they are doing. Having this understanding of each technical aspect of riding a motorcycle will help riders evolve & create new goals. I would never teach anything that I couldn’t explain, believe in or theorize on.

I look forward to the opportunity of meeting you & helping you achieve your riding aspirations.

Ride Safe,

STAR School

Training to become better, safer, and more proficient riders.

STAR Motorcycle 2 Day Schools are designed for anyone to come and get professional instruction on how to become better, safer and more proficient riders.

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JP43 Training


These one and two day programs give the STAR School graduates a place to come and practice with a limited number of riders on and off the track.

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1 on 1 Training

Training Fast Track.

The name of this program says it all. You get the chance to spend the day or days 1on1 with Jason as your personal coach. There is no better way to solve whatever problems you have.

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Hear What Our Past Students Have to Say

I recently attended the Jason Pridmore Star School thru the U.S. Marine Corps motorcycle program. I was surprised how organized everything was. I noticed a couple of famous faces. The school was awesome and I don’t think that there was one person that left without learning something. For me the school got me to fine tune a couple of things and the most important the Star Team got me to ride in a relaxed body position on my bike. The experience was amazing, true professionals who care and I’ll leave at that. Thanks.

Marcin J.

Been attending, at least once a year, since 2006!!! They helped me net dozens of class wins, podiums and 4 class championships with WERA West and the California State Championship! First Expert liter bike podium at Big Willow (Willow Springs Int’l Raceway) Sept 2013

Krystyna K.

Jason is the “Obi-Wan Kenobi” of motorcycle Racing. After seeing hearing and reading pretty much every motorcycle coach available to the general public, nobody has the ability to communicate riding skills and distinctions to make you a safer, faster, & better rider than Jason Pridmore! Thank you to Jason and your team for an amazing weekend school and I look forward to attending every one of them this coming year!

Robert V.

Star Training Articles and Videos

Will The Smartest Win Moto GP?

How good is Moto GP right now! I mean, I realize it could always be better but this year has had some real drama. So far the biggest thing for me has been the weather. One thing I always express to young kids I get to work with is, “lets be the smartest rider...

STAR Motorcycle School and Laguna Seca

So Many Learning Opportunities The first time I can remember being at Laguna Seca was 1976. I was six years old and was on my father’s shoulders after he just won the AMA Superbike National. I remember crossing the track, my dad with champagne bottle in hand, despite...

Watching Progression

Building on STAR Motorcycle Training To be the best rider you have to constantly evolve with the times. Things can change so much year to year that you have to be able to take advantage of what technology gives you. The world of electronics has changed a lot of what...

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