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A couple weeks ago I wrote a column talking about the fastest and the smartest. How lucky have we been to witness this MotoGP season? It could only be more interesting if Marquez could have figured into the points here at the close of the year but as I have documented already there were to many mistakes made throughout his year. This past weekend in Australia the fastest (Lorenzo) won the battle and edged closer to who I think is the smartest (Rossi) in the Championship battle.  But man was it interesting.

Was that the best MotoGP e2015 MotoGP Phillip Islandver? For me it was. From the very first lap I was glued and into every move that was being played out. Marquez is simply amazing to watch and the heart he shows is nothing short of incredible. What is going on with Lorenzo and Rossi right now is fun to watch. I still feel that Lorenzo has a bit more pace as was proven throughout the weekend from FP1 till the last lap of the race. We all knew Marquez was going to be strong but how about Andrea Iannone? That Ducati was so fast and with the big straights coming up this weekend in Malaysia, he could be a real threat for another podium. Iannone isn’t scared of anyone and has quietly had a great year based on consistency. If Rossi loses this Championship by 3 points, Iannone may have to turn in his Italian passport. I said earlier in the year that Iannone could win a race before Dovi, he almost did Sunday.

All that said, I felt Rossi had some pace that was going to push him to the front. It seemed he could go with Marquez but once Iannone went passed on the front straight just before mid race, things became hard. At Aragon I felt the same way but he couldn’t shake Pedrosa and Lorenzo was able to keep his lead around the 3 second mark. The only way Rossi will fix this will be in qualifying. He absolutely must get on the same row as Lorenzo or that will be his Championship run. Some people think I want Lorenzo to win the Championship but that isn’t true. Seeing Rossi win a 10th Championship would be so neat to see but I think the cards are stacked against him even with an 11 point lead.

Here is why. Rossi hasn’t won the season finale at Valencia since 2004!!! If he goes into that race with anything less than a 12 point lead he is in trouble. Lorenzo and Pedrosa have both won 2 times in the past 6 years and Marquez won the season finale last year. Someone beating Lorenzo at Valencia will deserve a big dinner ticket from #46.

This weekend is the one that is so crucial for Rossi. Sepang is a track that MotoGP riders test at more than anywhere else so there is no reason why everyone shouldn’t be fast right out of the box. Rossi said he was caught out in OZ in qualifying by some bad settings, shouldn’t have that problem in Malaysia. Also, it always seems to rain at some point at this race so a flag to flag race could be something we again see on Sunday.

CONTESTDainese Full Metal D1 Gloves

So, with all that said and breaking down the two title protagonist, I was thinking we should have a quick contest. My great friends at Dainese have offered up a pair of Dainese Full Metal D1 Black/White/Anthracite gloves to the winner. They are the best gloves in the universe, they have the same structure of Valentino’s.

I want to know who will win the MotoGP Championship and what will their final point tally be? Any ties will be broken by who chooses closest to 2nd in the points and the point tally of that rider. This is where it sits currently:


Rossi        296pts

Lorenzo    285pts

Here is the way the points play out at each round:

MotoGP Points









All entries need must be in by Friday October 23rd at 5pm Pacific Time. Your entry into comments will not show till after 5pm on Friday so no one can copy your guess.  Good luck to everyone that plays and hope that we get to see a great next two MotoGPs at Sepang and Valencia.



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