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I recently attended the Jason Pridmore Star School thru the U.S. Marine Corps motorcycle program. I was surprised how organized everything was. I noticed a couple of famous faces. The school was awesome and I don’t think that there was one person that left without learning something. For me the school got me to fine tune a couple of things and the most important the Star Team got me to ride in a relaxed body position on my bike. The experience was amazing, true professionals who care and I’ll leave at that. Thanks. Marcin J.

Jason is the “Obi-Wan Kenobi” of motorcycle Racing. After seeing hearing and reading pretty much every motorcycle coach available to the general public, nobody has the ability to communicate riding skills and distinctions to make you a safer, faster, & better rider than Jason Pridmore! Thank you to Jason and your team for an amazing weekend school and I look forward to attending every one of them this coming year! Robert V.

JP fixed my body position after a few years of struggling an hanging off was too much. Now I am much more centered, less fatigued and most of all faster. JP has it right! Clinton

I love going to that school. Probably saved my life, about 1000 times. Troy

Been attending, at least once a year, since 2006!!! They helped me net dozens of class wins, podiums and 4 class championships with WERA West and the California State Championship! First Expert liter bike podium at Big Willow (Willow Springs Int’l Raceway) Sept 2013 Krystyna K.

Many thanks to you and your fine staff for some tremendous instruction and quality environment. Keep up the good work as it brings everyone to a higher and safer level of riding….track or street! Bob

Working with JP and Greg White a few years ago helped me out TREMENDOUSLY. Became a much smoother, safer, faster rider.. The one thing that stuck with me that I still chuckle about today when I see it is exactly what he says up top on this post.. Start with what’s comfortable!! Soooooo many sportbike riders argue about body position this, body position that gotta get the knee down, gotta get the knee down, and they haven’t got a clue how to ride there motorcycle in the first place! Strongly recommend STAR School for anyone that rides.. JP and staff just “Get It” Kevin

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