So many questions surround correct body position. It’s the one thing I have to tackle at every school or track day I attend.
If I am being honest, I have to laugh at some of the stuff I see on track and even more at some of the stuff I hear. I am not sure when we lost sight of complete reality. I do know our sport is about 2 things, speed and lean angle. However, you cannot teach everyone the same thing and even more crazy to me is all this Moto GP talk. Yah, I know it’s cool to want to compare ourselves to the likes of Rossi and Marquez but lets be real. None of us have or are riding Moto GP bikes are we? How can we compare ourselves to the elite in our sport when we are riding our 2009 Streetbike. Even a current Superbike is based off a production 1000cc motorcycle. And tell me, what is wrong with how Josh Hayes, current 4 time AMA Superbike Champion rides or sits on a bike. Have you seen how 4 time BSB Champion Shane Byrne sits on a bike? Go have a look. Tom Sykes, Jonathon Rea, study them all.

Ok, so I’m not cool because I’m not telling you to drag your elbow, or put your head below your handlebars, I am sorry. You see, as your speed increases and lean becomes more important, then your body position changes. At 64 degrees of lean angle do you think Marc Marquez’s body position is the same as when he is at 35 degrees of lean angle? Think about it:

  • What is your lean angle?
  • What do you think your bikes greatest lean angle is?

These are questions that are truly going to determine what your body position can get to.

body-position-3So where is a good place to start? How bout, what is comfortable. Think about when you ride to the store. Why should you vary too much from that? You know how many people I come up on at a track day that have been taught to hang off a bike and they have 20 degrees of lean angle, they look so uncomfortable and awkward, I just don’t get it.

If you are looking to be a Social Media hero then keep hanging off more than you need to. If you want to be a more efficient rider, get less tired and feel what your bike is doing under you then stop over exaggerating what you are doing on the bike. If you want to get to the checkered flag first model yourself after someone who is riding a bike similar to what you are.

The Moto GP comparison just isn’t realistic.

Want to learn more about how you can make sure you have the correct body position – come to a STAR School.  We will help you become a better, safer and more proficient rider.  Check out our upcoming dates and reserve your spot now!

Ride safe, Jason Pridmore

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