So what New Year’s goals have you set for yourself for 2016? An even better question, do you remember what goals you set for 2015? Were they accomplished?

As a rider where do you want to be? How are you going to be different than last year? And what are you basing your progress off of? I know what the goals are for all the racers out there. So how are you going to make that breakthrough you’re after?

Setting realistic goals is something that is so important to me as a rider coach. All too often people set goals that are unrealistic and sometimes even unobtainable. But once the reality sets in, motivation gets lost and then we go back to settling for the status quo. Change that up this year, or better yet, change it up the very next time you whip the tire warmers off.

It seems things always come together a bit later for me then most when a new year comes around. I suppose 2016 isn’t much different. There are going to be some terrific new things going on for STAR as well as JP43 Training in the coming months. I have seen a huge increase in 1-on-1 training requests – and now there is a way to get that training at more venues than ever before.

STAR 2016:

As of now we are staying close to home at our “home track”, Chuckwalla Valley Raceway. We could expand to a few more venues later in the year but having somewhere to base ourselves is really nice. We have 2 events coming up before summer so we are looking forward to seeing some new faces as well as our regulars. Last year we changed some things with STAR and the feedback was awesome. On-track drills, videos to take home and catering to name just a few. Also, having a special “guest” instructor at each event made it both valuable and fun for our students.

Private days:

If you have been around me you know the importance I put on “quality” track time. When you can go to the track and have a small, select group, the days become so much easier to navigate. JP43 Training Private Days are meant for a maximum of 15 people. The days become very personal and are built to help you further your riding skills. We will be going through all the things it takes to get you better on your bike and we will be using video to help explain and work through the things we see that need to be addressed. Being able to operate with space and get all your questions answered is what these days are all about.

JP43 1-on-1 Training:

Im very excited about these special 1-on-1 days. The staff I have is absolutely 2nd to none. Being able to get with someone ALL day and have them exclusively to you is such a powerful learning experience. I love to interact with people and get right to the root of their problems. Also, setting up a program that will allow me to watch their progress post-STAR school is very important to me. I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the brightest young talent in America and have found a niche in creating programs that not only evaluate their riding but determine specific goals for their future. We can do this for you as well at these events.

The coolest part of this is my alignment with 3 different track day organizers: So Cal Trackdays, Let’s Ride Trackdays and Track Experience are all allowing JP43 Training to come to their events and coach 1-on-1. These days are limited to just 4 people and are run in conjunction with these partners. Have a look at our schedule and see if we are coming to your favorite track. Staff for these events include: Wyatt Farris, James Rispoli, Corey Alexander, Michael Gilbert, Connor Blevins and Benny Solis.

I really enjoyed doing some writing last year and the response from that blew me away. I plan on doing more of the same in 2016 so look for something from me every couple or weeks. I am excited about passing on tips as well as discussing all the racing in Moto GP, WSBK and MotoAmerica. If there is something specific you would like to see me write about, by all means please drop me a line and let me know.

Look forward to hearing from you and seeing you all at the track.

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