It’s been an interesting year for me on all fronts. Having the opportunity to work for BEIN Sports and be part of the resurgence of racing in America has been very special for me and something I have taken great pride in. Seeing that we are gaining more interest from other countries again shows that what MotoAmerica has done is working. Hearing that the series may gain an extra race next year and that there could be some new teams and manufacturers getting involved is all positive. The racing in all classes has been incredible with two Champions being crowned prior to the final event in New Jersey. Josh Herrin took the 1000 Superstock Championship, putting together a series of wins at the start of the summer that was very impressive. In 600 Superstock, Bryce Prince put a fantastic year together in what was the only lopsided Championship in the season. He rode faultless and fast winning 8 times and racking up points. He will be good to watch once he makes the switch to Supersport. 

Caroline Olsen, Jason and Anna Rigby (Redspade) at The Ridge

Watching the races and being able to call them has given me a great perspective on everything I have taught over the years. In fact, it has given me a lot of confidence in the core fundamentals that I believe. Even more, I have been able to meet so many new riders, crew chiefs and mechanics. Its all been very positive. Thank you to all of you that have reached out to me with all the positive feedback and comments. 

I haven’t stopped riding though!!! Its been a busy year of riding and teaching since the clock hit midnight to start 2016. So many JP43 Training days packed the beginning of my year. I really have fun going out to Chuckwalla and being a part of CVMA. I am looking forward to the new season come September. Also, we did a great STAR school in May and we have another one coming up the weekend of September 24-25 that we should have a great turnout for. 

Along with what I have done in California I have been lucky enough to continue working with MotoVid at Blackhawk Farms in Illinois. I will be going up there 2 more times this year, once later this month and again in September. You can go to to see what is happening there. Mike Casey and his crew run the best, safest track days I have ever attended. 


Meeting Carol Carpenter and being part of two great days up at The Ridge in Washington was a highlight. First off, the track is one of my favorites. Carol had invited me up to teach there as part of her Motovixens track day. We had a great group of all-female riders the first day with day two open to men and women, both days being fault free fault free. I was lucky enough to take Benny Solis and Caroline Olsen with me. We are all eager to get back up to the Pac Northwest again. Carol and I are already working on dates for 2017. Big thanks to David Kolb, Troy Cook and Jon Neeter for all they did to make that trip so great. You can read a fantastic article written by our good friend Anna Rigby (@redspade) from Redspade Racing about this event at

I know so many of you have taken the summer off as its been so hot but as it slowly comes to an end, its time to start setting some winter goals. Being able to ride all winter is something I feel so lucky to be able to do. As mentioned, our next STAR school is the weekend of September 24-25. This year, we’ve added new drills, and for our September school I have added a little something extra after working with and coaching so many new racers this year.

I’m excited for fall and winter to come as this year has flown past. I hope that you plan to include a STAR school or JP43 Training into your schedule. 

Ride safe, 


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